With its extensive land mass and huge population, India is heavily reliant on its road network. Irrespective of the asset, urban, regional, freeway, highway, toll-way, subway or the operator state or local government or the private sector, the maintenance requirement are complex and never ending.
We cater an array of maintenance services and specific road maintenance/repair products, tailored to individual road network and their operating environments. We complement these with a comprehensive road maintenance management system that includes all major types of planned and reactive highway maintenance services including general road repairs, pavement marking and bridge inspection and repair.

Pavement preservation

Preventive maintenance refers to actions associated with restoring the condition of the highway, reducing the rate of deterioration and increasing the life of the pavement. Pavement preservation is the proactive maintenance of roads to prevent them from getting to a condition where major rehabilitation or reconstruction is necessary.


While conventional slurry seal is used as an economical treatment for sealing and extending the service of roads, microsurfacing has many added capabilities. Microsurfacing systems are used to restore and preserve the surface characteristics of pavements. Microsurfacing may be designed to correct rutting, improve inadequate pavement cross sections, and enhance frictional properties of structurally sound polished pavements. Microsurfacing systems are low-cost preventive maintenance treatments that retard deterioration of the pavement, maintain or improve the functional condition of roadways and extend the pavement’s service life when applied to suitable candidates. It is a mix of polymer modifies asphalt emulsion, graded aggregate, cement, water and additives. The placement of a Microsurfacing system with a specialised paving equipment on medium to high traffic roads offers a competitive alternative to traditional methods of restoring surface characteristics of roadways and extend the life of pavements by more than 7 years. We offer other services like fog seal, granular sealing/tack coat, reinforced seal coat and slurry seal.

• Pollution free as no heating is required
• Quick setting, early opening to traffic
• Fast construction
• Higher resistance to abrasion
• Longer life as oxidation/ageing is reduced
• No rolling and compaction is required
• Saving in natural resources
• Cost effective
• Cost Effective Benefits
• Minimize oxidation/ageing, reduce water infiltration, correct ravelling and weathering
• Provide skid resistance
• Improve aesthetics
• Correct rutting and minor surface profile irregularities
• Average performance life: 5 to 7 years

Pavement recycling

In every industry, recycling targets and initiatives to reduce carbon footprints are becoming more and more important. Roads surfaces are recyclable due to the plastic properties of the bituminous materials used, and due to the fact that most of the aggregate contained within its matrix will be of the same quality as it was when it was originally laid.
We offer various modern recycling technologies considering cost, performance and environmental sustainability. Our utmost attention paid to pre-engineering, mix design formulation, construction, and quality control, pavements constructed using these techniques offer owners, the ability to decrease life-cycle costs while decreasing the environmental impact.

Patch Filling

Supreme Bituchem range of pothole repair services are designed to meet any budget. Patching repairs are a cost-effective way of eliminating further damage, liability, deterioration, and pavement related headaches. When a patchwork is required due to pot holes, Supreme has the equipment and experience to get the job done. Based on the condition of your surface, one of our specialists will make a recommendation that is right for you like pot-holes repairs, patch filling, edge repairs, swell correction or rut filling.

Pavement Marking

Supreme has established a reputation in the pavement marking industry for quality, integrity and unparalleled commitment to customer service. Our products are formulated using variety of chemicals and minerals prescribed as per Bureau of Indian Standards, MORTH and American Standards to meet specific market demands. Imported world class raw materials make our thermoplastic paint absolutely unique, giving superb edge to edge consistency and coverage. The cold plastic, solvent based and water-based road marking paints also add to the list which can be used in variety applications in different sectors starting from roads and highways to runways.

Concrete Road Repairs

When it comes to the repair of distressed concrete pavements, full depth and partial depth repair, slab replacement, crack sealing, crack stitching and staple pinning are some of the repair techniques that can be used for repairing the distressed concrete pavements. This require specialised products and expert hands. Our products are fast curing and does not require any specialised machinery or technical manpower.
With years of expertise in concrete road assessment and repairs, Supreme Bituchem offers solutions for all types of cracks and road surface irregularities such as cracks over dowel bars, misplaced saw cuts at transverse joints, cracks on slab and box culverts, plastic shrinkage cracks, surface pop outs, curb cracking etc.
We ensure that repairs will be long lasting and help reduce your carbon footprint by reducing haulage miles from quarry to depot.

Bridge Inspection and maintenance

The concrete bridge decks suffering deterioration is the most extensive maintenance problem of the affecting the service life of bridge. Moisture and chlorides intrusion can accelerate distress and corrosion of steel reinforcements.
We accomplish bridge inspection and scrutinize routine maintenance, repair and rectification. Expansion joint maintenance and repair (including bearings and bearing seats), erosion control, obstruction removal for water flow, bridge deck waterproofing, anticorrosive and anti-carbonation treatment are our expertise servicing.



Subsequent to our efficacious product range of construction chemicals and road surfacing products, we are embarking the world of Road Marking. We are approved by Major Government Organisations, State PWDs & National Highways and have also supplied to leading Roads & Highways projects across India. With existing world wide scope, road marking paints' industry is also reaching technological sophistication. SUPREME BITUCHEM has added hot applied thermoplastic, cold thermoplastic, water based and solvent based road marking paints to our offerings, stringed along with specialised primer and glass beads. Our road marking products' range is ideal for use on dividers, zebra marking etc. on paved roads and runways, superseding conventional paints with their retro- reflectivity, increased longevity and ease of application. Our products are formulated as per decreed by Bureau of Indian Standard, MORT&H and ASTM International standards. Continuous research & periodic testings of each products in our in-house laboratory ensure superior quality and make the product the best that it can be.