Roads And Highways


Worlds sixth largest economy is promoting to make in India and we at Supreme Bituchem are supporting the cause by contributing to 'Connected India'. Roads are the life-line of a nations economy and these mega projects demands huge investment of money, planning and time. This makes it crucial and important to maximize the life and quality of the service of any road or highway, justifying the costing and Supreme range of Road surfacing products make sure of exactly the same.
Ever increasing population and vehicular load along with the harsh atmospheric conditions are the major contributors of the challenges faced by a smooth service of the roads and bridges. Protecting the structure from such damaging conditions requires novel and tailored solutions; Supreme Bituchem India has developed a range of products specifically designed for such extreme site conditions contributing right from strength to the service of a road.
Supreme Bituchem understand that ease and simplicity of application are as important as long term performance. All our products are supported by detailed technical literature, giving full explanations of requirements before, during and after application to ensure success. In addition, by partnering with our customers at all stages, we aim to add value and give support as well as providing a solution with long term benefits. Supreme Bituchem offers a comprehensive range of products that are tried and tested by major labs and are acknowledge by CRRI, Delhi. And have been extensively used in major projects across India