We are at the forefront in the field of Roads, highways and structural maintenance, both traditional and contemporary.
These projects are undertaken for the public and private sectors and involve a range of activities both as main contractor and as subcontractor. The materials for our O & M are made available by us and we pride overselves on high levels of quality control and stringent safety procedures. We offer a gamut of products for a wide range of Structural and highways maintenance works. We develop, manufacture and market a complete range of technically advance products for all structural and roads application.
At supreme Bituchem, we pursue research with a pioneer’s zeal by threading new path attempting breakthrough products and processes. In pursuance of our objective to be a global player, we are committed to maintain world-class quality standards, efficient delivery schedules, cost-effective rates and exceptional after sales service.

Our Range of products for Roads and Highways.

Flexible Pavements

  • Paving Bitumen
  • Blown Oxidised Bitumen
  • Bituminous Cationic Road Emulsion (All Grades)
  • High performance cold applied bitumen for road construction and repairs
  • Emulsion for Preventive Maintenance (Microsurfacing)
  • Anti- stripping surfacing active agent
  • Crumb Rubber/ Polymer Modified Bitumen
  • Polymer Modified Cold Paving Bitumen
  • Specialised prefabricated bituminous & liquid waterproofing membranes for bridge decks

Rigid Pavements

  • PCE Based Admixtures for Wide Range of High Grade Concrete
  • Naphtha based water reducing concrete admixture
  • Dual component cold applied polysulphide sealant
  • High performance polyurethane based sealing compound
  • High strength segmental bridge adhesive
  • Polymer based preformed filler for expansion joint
  • Resin based curing compound for concrete
  • Solvent based mould release agent
  • Polymer modified cementitious repair mortar
  • High strength abrasion resistant epoxy reinstatement mortar
  • Two component epoxy concrete bonding adhesive

Pavement Marking Paints

  • Thermoplastic road marking paint (MORTH)
  • High performance waterborne acrylic road marking paint
  • Primer for thermoplastic road marking paint for concrete surface
  • Cold plastic road marking paint