Supreme Geotextile


SUPREME GEOTEXTILE is non woven polyester, produced with high tenacity polypropylene fibers through needle punching process manufactured from a planer, porous, polymeric textile material and is used to provide good separation, filtration, protection, drainage and reinforcement thereby increasing life of the structure. It has applications to be used in contact with soil, rock and other geotechnical material in different civil engineering and industrial applications.

• Separation: Prevent from intermixing of adjacent dissimilar soils and / or fill materials
• Filtration: The restraining of soils or other particles subjected to hydrodynamic forces while following the passage of fluids into or across
• Drainage: The collection and transporting of precipitation, groundwater and / or other fluids on the plane of the textile
• Protection: The prevention or limiting of local damage to a given element or material
• Reinforcement: The use of the stress – strain behaviour of the material to improve the mechanical properties of soil or other construction material
• Erosion Control: Geotextile prevent the erosion of soil on the slopes and hilly areas. SUPREME GEOTEXTILE gives effective drainage for water flow and at the same time prevents soil from getting washed off
• Separation on roads: SUPREME GEOTEXTILE provides long term separation of aggregate base from the sub grade soil by separating these two layers, geotextile maintains the original thickness of the roadway aggregate
• SUPREME GEOTEXTILE is widely used on roads being constructed on weak subgrade soils. It allows the ground water to pass into the subsurface drain without eroding the soil and increasing the road life

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