Supreme Blown Bitumen


SUPREME BLOWN BITUMEN (PC 1111) is a dark, petroleum residue modified by the process of oxidation, either continuous or Staggered blowing process. Heated Penetration Grade Bitumen under controlled environment is blown with air which control the oil content in the Bitumen while it is oxidized. The different grades for suited application produced are designated by two numbers to indicate the mid-points of their softening point and penetration ranges. SUPREME BLOWN BITUMEN has multiple uses in industry and a wide range of applications and has characteristics of waterproofing, plasticity, adhesion and resistance towards acid and alkalis. It also makes an efficient electrical insulator, because it has excellent dielectric strength.

Building Floors -
Damp-proofing and waterproofing, acid-alkali resistant flooring, conductive flooring, sparkles flooring.
Building Roofs -
Manufacturing of roofing felts, adhesives, primers, damp-proof coating compositions, liquid roof coatings, plastic cements and hot carriage roofing compounds.
Road & Hydro-projects -
Canal lining, embankment, hydraulic structure, dam lining protection and sand stabilization
Industrial Use -
Lamination, manufacturing of caulking compounds, joint fillers, rubber extenders, battery sealing compounds, cable filling compounds etc.
Other Uses -
Anti rust pipe coating, Anti Slip Layer Compound for Pilling, Sound Dampening Felt, Under Carriage Sealant an Coats in the Automotives, Electrical Cable Joint Protection (Fillers), Joint filling Compounds, Sealants, Bituminous Marine Mastic for the Oil & Gas Industry and many more in our day to day life.

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