Super Shield APP MF

SUPER SHIELD APP(MF) Mineral Finish Membrane are uniquely formulated, pre-fabricated, plastomeric waterproofing membranes that are developed with a technology that enables it to perform over time and give long lasting waterproofing characteristics. SUPER SHIELD membranes are manufactured in advanced continuous calendaring process under controlled conditions by saturating and coating a robust reinforcement of synthetic non woven polyester carrier with a homogenous thermoplastic bituminous blend of distilled asphalt, modified with selected high grade APP(Atactic Polypropylene) polymer and inert fillers which gives the membrane its excellent properties of resistance to ageing, facilitates the ease of application and adhesion and accommodates structural movements.

SUPER SHIELD MF are used for trafficable flat roofs, warm and inverted roofs, trafficable areas requiring heavy duty waterproofing, single layer and multi-layer systems, wet areas and underground structures. SUPER SHIELD Mineral Finish APP membranes are ideal for residential, commercial waterproofing of roofs, basements, retaining walls, pits, tunnels & balconies, bridge decks on railways tracks, motorways & roads, non trafficable flat & pitched roofs in single layer system & as a finishing membrane in multi layer systems.They are ideal for flat or sloped roofs, tiles on terraces & for improved aesthetics.

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