Super Seal PU


SUPER SEAL PU (PC 2103) is a high performance, single component, medium modulus moisture curing product, which cures by reaction with atmospheric humidity and forms permanently elastic and resilient elastomeric bonds. It has the ability to bond itself to a variety of materials including plastics, FRP, SMC, aluminum, steel coated metal, cement based materials, brick, ceramic, glass and wood. It is rubbery, highly elastic and in general can be overpainted.

• Typical applications include joint sealing in building construction and maintenance and sealing of vehicle body
• Designed to fill deep cracks and holes, seal dynamically moving joint such as basement and cellar walls, expansion and control joints, precise concrete panel joints, tilt - up panel joints, curtain wall joints and perimeter caulking of windows, doors, panels, radon mitigation, bedding of frames, foundations, reflection pools, planters, canals, retaining walls, privacy fences etc
• Suitable for sealing both internal and external joints in a wide variety of materials including concrete, stone, asbestos/cement, wood, metals, ceramic tiles, enamel substrate, GRPand plastics in general.
• Also used to seal vertical and horizontal expansion joints, concrete control joints, precast and tilt up construction, masonry expansion joints, Aluminium curtain walls and storefronts and submerged applications.

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