Super Seal PS


SUPER SEAL PS (PC 2101) is a high performance , two component and cross linking polysulphide based synthetic elastic sealant for vertical, horizontal and sloping joint. It is exposed to many chemicals and continuous water immersion where large movement is anticipated in concrete construction, a tough, permanently flexible and water tight seal is required. Which is based on high polysulphide liquid elastomer and manganese dioxide hardener which polymerizes by absorption of atmospheric moisture when mixing is initiated at room temperature prior to application, which proceeds further to rapid curing to form a permanent, firm flexible rubber like seal. After curing, which provides excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry, wood, glass, acrylic and PVC plastic, for joints between diverse construction materials like glass, aluminum, cladding, glazing, tiling, tanks and internal retaining structures. It is used for sealing of expansion joints where there is vehicular traffic (e.g. air ports, bridges and Rigid Pavements) or pedestrian traffic, as it is resistant to many chemicals, shrinkage, ageing, thermal stress and the effects of outdoor exposure.

• Seal and caulking concrete joints subject to structural movements; can also be used in many secondary containment application
• Sealing of expansion, contraction and construction joints in building structures such as basement, subways, floor walls and claddings of high - rise building, terraces and especially structural expansion joint running through the ceiling.
• It is used in both vertical and horizontal expansion joints in many types of buildings and civil engineering constructions, such as retaining wall, underpasses and tunnels, precast concrete elements, bridges, high and low raise buildings and wherever a permanently flexible seal is required.
• Sealing of glazed units, curtain walling systems and similar structures where thermal movement can be high and large variations in wind pressure are possible.
• In difficult situations such as sewage farms, reservoirs, swimming pools, where non-biodegradation of sealant is very important.
• Bridge decks and associated abutments subject to large movement and vibration

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