Super Mulsion


SUPER MULSION is cold applied Cationic Bituminous Emulsion. All the types of emulsion as listed is in IS 8887 are available. Rapid setting RS - 1, Rapid setting RS - 2, Medium setting MS, Slow setting SS - 1 and Slow setting SS - 2. SUPER MULSION is a Cationic Emulsion, and is more popular due to its ability to absorb on to a wider range of mineral aggregates. It results in better adhesion to mineral aggregates, sets readily on all but the most electro - positive aggregates and is effective for use in all weather conditions. We use worlds best range of emulsifiers from world famous Akzo Nobel or manufacturing consistent and best quality emulsions. Specially formulated emulsion have been developed for Micro-Surfacing and patchfilling of potholes.

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