SUPER FLOW (PC-2213) is a ready to use compound in powder form easily soluble in water and is available in premeasured plastic pack. This uniquely formulated compound consists of high performance an ingredient which is very effectively used for priming of all types of concrete pumps instead of using the conventional slurry made of cement, sand and water. Using this compound enables a considerable cost saving and helps in protection of the concrete pump and pipeline from getting choked. With the uses of SUPER FLOW the efciency of the concrete pump and pipeline gets enhanced as the hydraulic pressure in the pump gets minimized and lubrication in the pipeline make harsh concrete mixes pass through smoothly without any hindrance, resulting to non-choking of the pipeline in continuous concreting programme.

SUPER FLOW is used as a most effective priming compound and as a pumping aid for concrete pump. It is used very effectively when concrete is pumped through long distance pipelines from the batching plant to the pouring point. The phenomenon of friction when the concrete passes through long pipelines get reduced and the lubrication effect of the compound makes concrete pass smoothly without any choking of the pump and pipeline. In the construction of Bridge Piers, Decks, Dams, Tunnel, Shafts, Well-foundation, etc., where there is huge volume of concreting involved, use of this unique compound eases out choking problems of concrete pumps.