SHELL POLYGROUT (PC 2136) is a low viscosity liquid which react with water in a controlled manner to form a swelling resilient adhesive solid in densities and strength appropriate to the designated task. When impregnated under pressure into leaking structures, through the process of polymerization, a permanent flexible/rigid water barrier is formed. The liquid retains its initial low viscosity upon contacting water allowing it to flow without dilution. Once the SHELL POLYGROUT water reaction commences, the grout expands penetrating into its surrounding and quickly cures to a tough, adhesive solid to repel the influence of underground seepage flow and solidify the objective ground which is unaffected by corrosive environments.

A. Building Construction
• Prevention of water from leaking into underground basements, tanks, sumps, pits etc.
• Soil stabilization for foundations
• Securing tie – back anchors for retaining walls or guys?
• Serving as sealer or liner in concrete structures?
• Preventing water from oozing from ground?
• Serving as water barrier in basement gravel bedding waterproofing system
B. Civil Engineering Works
• Solidifying and strengthening of ground and rock and stopping water from oozing out
• Preventing leakage in tunnels and tunnel segment, deep underground structures and water retaining structures
• Stabilization of abutment and bridge piers
• Preventing leakage through dams
• Preventing of landslides
• Solidifying and creating a water barrier in rock and earth fill dams
• Back filling by impregnation for tunnel shield construction
• Preventing air from leaking during compressed air shield construction or caisson construction
• Facilitates supportability of pile and pier
• Increases bearing capacity of underpinning
• Prevention of crown collapse in tunnels
C. Environmental Engineering Applications
• Solidifying agent to atomic, industrial and chemical waste solutions or wastewater
• Solidifying agent for sewage and sludges removed from organic and inorganic waste dumps.
• Preservation of historical relics, harbour engineering, mining reclamation engineering etc.

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