With 4,205 registered green projects and a 4.63-billion-sq-ft green building footprint, India is among the world's top five countries in green construction. In fact, the country's green building footprint is expected to touch 10 billion sq ft by 2022. Greater awareness of the 30-40 per cent energy savings from a green building is the biggest driver of green construction. Green residential real estate is especially doing well, having grown its share in developing the green real-estate pie from 20-30 per cent in 2014 to 60 per cent today.
Today, commercial and large residential green buildings cost 2-3 per cent over conventional construction as against 15 per cent a decade ago. The payback time for this incremental cost is about three years.
Paint toxicity is identified through volatile organic compounds (VOC), unstable, carbon-containing compounds that readily vaporise into the air as paint dries, where they react with other elements to produce polluting and health-damaging fumes. We have converted our entire range of interior and exterior paints to low VOC, with the cost remaining comparable with regular paints.

Our product SuperShield LM, single component cold applied bituminous waterproofing emulsion is an environment friendly green product. SuperCryl R100 is another product in line with the green technology. It is an acrylic based coating that reduces the temperature of the structure by about 4 to 5%.
Coating are fast overtaking traditional insulation materials such as rock, glass wool, slag wool, extruded polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam, and so on. Our heat management coating InsuShield works on the principle of dissipation of radiant heat, stopping it from entering in the first place resulting in net cooling effect and lowering the temperature inside the structure. The availability, cost benefit and ease of application of thermal reflective paints makes them an easy-to-use alternative.

SuperMulsion HiGrip, specialised emulsion for microsurfacing i.e, preventive maintenance of roads and highways is a green product.
We use best in class raw materials that are mostly imported from different parts of the world for the manufacturing of all our products, maintaining all the quality standards as required. This translates all our end products into finest quality materials.