While conventional slurry seal is used as an economical treatment for sealing and extending the service of roads, microsurfacing has many added capabilities. Microsurfacing systems are used to restore and preserve the surface characteristics of pavements. Microsurfacing may be designed to correct rutting, improve inadequate pavement cross sections, and enhance frictional properties of structurally sound polished pavements. Microsurfacing systems are low-cost preventive maintenance treatments that retard deterioration of the pavement, maintain or improve the functional condition of roadways and extend the pavement’s service life when applied to suitable candidates. It is a mix of polymer modifies asphalt emulsion, graded aggregate, cement, water and additives. The placement of a Microsurfacing system with a specialised paving equipment on medium to high traffic roads offers a competitive alternative to traditional methods of restoring surface characteristics of roadways and extend the life of pavements by more than 7 years. We offer other services like fog seal, granular sealing/tack coat, reinforced seal coat and slurry seal.


• Pollution free as no heating is required
• Quick setting, early opening to traffic
• Fast construction
• Higher resistance to abrasion
• Longer life as oxidation/ageing is reduced
• No rolling and compaction is required
• Saving in natural resources
• Cost effective
• Cost Effective Benefits
• Minimize oxidation/ageing, reduce water
infiltration, correct ravelling and weathering
• Provide skid resistance
• Improve aesthetics
• Correct rutting and minor surface profile
• Average performance life: 5 to 7 years

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