Crystalline Waterproofing

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Crystalline Waterproofing Admixture (Liquid)

SUPER CRYSTAL KOTE L101 (PC 2160) is a liquid admixture that initiates a crystalline reaction in concrete. The reaction takes place with the free lime of the concrete and creates a permanent reduction of water permeability. The crystalline effect allows the structure to self-heal shrinkage cracks under contact.
SUPER CRYSTAL KOTE L101 is a crystalline and water reducing waterproofing admixture for concrete. It is very economic and easy to apply. SUPER CRYSTAL KOTE L101 creates a crystalline structure inside the concrete reducing the amount and diameter of the capillary pores. At the same time the amount of mixing water can be reduced, which leads to a smaller amount of capillary pores.
SUPER CRYSTAL KOTE exceeds the requirements of EN 934-2 for concrete admixtures and is classified as a water reducing additive according table 2.
Area Of Application
-Waterproof concrete for basements and below grade parking structures
-Waterproofing of potable water structures
-Waterproofing of sewage structures
-Waterproofing of tunnels and pipelines
-Slab waterproofing
-Waterproofing of shotcrete