Cementitious Fireproofing Coating



Supercrete FPC 100 (PC 2225) is a Cementitious Fire-Resistant insulation grade coating It provides both hydrocarbon and cellulosic fire protection for structural steel and can also be used to upgrade the fire resistance of existing concrete.
Recommended areas of application include Tunnel, refineries, petrochemical, pharmaceutical facilities, pulp and paper mills, offshore platforms, power plants, factories, warehouses, institutional and biomedical facilities.
- Cost effective fireproofing solution
- Outstanding coverage, high build
- Exceptional durability and toughness
- Cryogenic protection against LNG spills and immersion exposures
- Resistant to 3 bar blast overpressures
- Hose stream resistant
- Tolerant to wie range of climates
- Lightweight - one-fifth the weig1t of concrete for equal fire protection
- Easy application by spray or trowel
- Non-flammable - during or after application
- Chloride and sulphide free - no special priming required
- Asbestos-free - complies with EPA and OSHA regulations
- Non-friable - high impact strength

Supercrete FPC 100 may be applied by spray and/or trowel. Material build will depend on application method, weather conditions and equipment used. For application overhead, a scratch coat of 12 - 15 mm is recommended to key into the lath. It is recommended that the subsequent coats should be applied within a 24-hour period as per weather and surface conditions. If this is not possible, the preceding coats should be left as sprayed after application. Substrate must be dampened with water before application of additional coats.