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We would like to introduce ourselves as Central India’s leading manufacturer having business experience of more than two decade; we have a state of art manufacturing facility at five star Industrial areas, M.I.D.C Butibori, Nagpur (MS). We are an ISO Certified ,CRRI and many other major government department approved company having supply experience in NHAI, state PWDs and R&Bs across India.
We manufacture a wide range of products of Civil Constructions & NHAI.
We have world class Road emulsions, modified Bitumen, bridge deck waterproofing membranes, Construction Chemicals, Sealants & Joint filler Boards as our range of products.
As well as Civil constructions, Buildings, Roads, Highways & Bridge serving the purpose of waterproofing, insulation, High end construction solutions, Restoration & Road surfacing products.

Please find enclosed herewith our Company Profile with the mail as we deal in following range of products:


1. ShellCon : Super plasticizer for Rigid pavements and structural concrete.
2. ShellPlast : High range water reducing admixture with rheoplastic properties.
3. Super Board HD : Polymer based preformed compressible filler for expansion joint
4. Super Seal (PS) : Rapid curing, two component cold applied polysulphide sealant
5. Super Shield Bridgeprotek : APP modified bituminous waterproofing membrane for bridge decks.
6. Super Finish : Solvent based chemical releasing agent.
7. Super Cure : Paraffin& Resin based curing compound
8. Super Mulsion : Cold applied cationic bituminous Road emulsion of all grades as per IS: 8887 having application in road works for tack coating and micro surfacing systems.
9. Supreme CRMB & PMB : Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen & Polymer Modified Bitumen.
10. Road Marking Paints : Cold Plastic Paints, TheroPlastic Paints, Waterbase Paints.
11. Micro surfacing : protective seal coat which extends the life of Bitumen pavement.


1. 1. APP/SBS specialized waterproofing membranes.
2. 2. PU Based specialized waterproofing membranes.
3. 3. Admixtures, Sealants and PU & Cementious Grouting materials.
4. 4. Anticorrosive coatings and tapes for Pipes.

Why should I join Supreme Group?
When you become a part of Supreme Group, you are made to undergo an induction training after which you are assigned a specific task or role in a particular Division. Supreme is structured so as to ensure ‘separateness’ to focus in each business and integration for synergy. New entrants are assigned to a particular Division where the focus is on understanding a particular business: the market, innovative products, modern process etc. The attempt is to provide cross business exposure to Managers with demonstrated potential to enable them develop all round business skills and prepare them for business leadership. Those individuals who prefer to grow as functional specialists are encouraged to do so. Movements from one business to another take place depending on the needs of the business.
How will Supreme aid in flourishing my carrier?
Supreme Group believes the responsibility for career development rests both with the individual and the Organization. While the Organization provides opportunities for learning and growth, it is the individual’s responsibility to ensure he enhances his competencies to shoulder higher responsibilities. Career development therefore is a two-way process. Above all, the key factor determining career growth is meritocracy and performance.
Is age a barrier to career growth in Supreme Group?
Not in the least. As already stated, career growth is determined by performance and meritocracy.


Sales/Marketing Executive

Experience Required

Job Responsibilities : 1. Responsible for Contract Sales, Product Sales, Business Development of entire range of products in Government, Semi Government & Private projects. 2. Developing the business through Applicators/ Govt Contractor/ Civil Contractor/ Dealer Builders etc. 3. will be responsible for sales business generation for the region.


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